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We are a proud Canadian authorized distributor of the following products:

ZOONO Products

Microbe Shield

Through our electrostatic spraying application, Microbe Shield creates a positively charged antimicrobial surface barrier on any surface, clinically tested and proven effective in killing over 100 pathogens including COVID-19. This service is designed to be applied every 30 days. 

DIN# 02470423 AND DIN# 02470403

24 HR Germ Free Hand Sanitizer

Through this innovative technology we have also created a dermatologically tested hand sanitizer designed to be applied once every 24 hours. Available in a 50ml foaming pump bottle offering over 100 applications and in bulk for manual dispensers.

Ideal for Any Sized Spaces and Applications:


“Microbe Shield is a technically superior approach to infection control based both on results and logistics.”

Dr. John Brennan
Honda Canada Medical Director

Havan has retained ViruSove through the pandemic, and they have been an integral part of our return-to-work plan. We needed to have a workplace where our employees could feel comfortable, safe to interact and reconnect as a team.

ViruSolve’s line of products gave us the reassurance that they would address the potential threat from viruses including COVID in our offices and work surfaces.

We are very pleased to be working with ViruSolve and have no hesitations in recommending them.

Ron Rapp, CEO

Home Builders Association Vancouver

How ZOONO Works

ZOONO Microbe Shield is water-based and does not contain alcohol. When applied to a surface, ZOONO leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. The product contains a molecule that, once dried and hardened, creates a surface of microscopic pins that can pierce and destroy harmful organisms for up to 30 days after only one application.

ZOONO Microbe shield provides a 30 day protective shield against 99.9% of germs and pathogens.

How Capture Coating Products Work

Capture Coating permanently bonds to the porous materials within a filter, stopping viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, pollen and fungi dead, while not impacting airflow or breathability. Protect the inside air in your home or business.

“We have developed a nanoscale coating that can wrap itself around the individual fibres of HVAC air filtration media, rendering them superhydrophobic without affecting critical HVAC operational parameters.” – Curran CEO Eileen Mellon

What Sets Us Apart

Rapid Testing. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. A luminometer uses bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. The presence of ATP on a surface indicates the presence of contamination. The higher the number the higher the risk of infection. 

‘High Touch Points’ are tested before and after our Microbe Shield is applied to provide our base reading. Ongoing testing provides us scientific evidence the barrier is active and continuing to protect. 

ATP Testing Results Chart:

201 – 400 ppmCAUTION!
401-1000 ppmCONTAMINATED

*ppm: parts per million

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