About Virusolve Solutions Inc.

We are Canada’s only choice that provides Zoono Microbe shield and Capture Coating products and services. 

Our owners and management have over 60 years of experience in the service and maintenance industry, providing services to every level of residential and commercial properties. With this experience and vast knowledge, we have experienced everything and we could see that this current health crisis has dramatically altered our lives. Everyone started scrambling to stay protected without taking into account any of the health or environmental concerns. We quickly started to realize this and with innovative technology, we wanted to make a commitment to provide a way to be protected in a safe, clean, environmentally friendly process. That is why ViruSolve is changing the conversation and landscape about how we keep our daily lives clean.   

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Who We Are

Craig Dibble
Founder / CEO


Keith Lloyd
Founder / C00


Brad Silvaggio
Business Development Manager


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