Commercial Sanitizer dispenser & stand

Purchase, rent to own over 6 months and lease options starting at $20 available!
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Virusolve Solutions automatic foaming 24Hour Germ Free sanitizer station will help protect your environment by reducing the risk of exposure to unwanted germs and bacteria. Keeping your staff and customers safe by reducing the risk of illness caused by the transmission of pathogens in high traffic areas. They are made to order for purchase, rent to own and lease through monthly contract. For further information and a quote, please contact us at

This stand is made out of steel for ultimate durability in commercial and high traffic environments compared to the usual aluminum and plastic models. It breaks down easily into 3 components for ease of transferring to other locations. The dispenser is battery operated (but comes with a DC power option) to make it touchless, the light sensor indicates if a hand is under the dispenser to ensure no waste. The refillable 1200ml reservoir provides enough sanitizer for approximately 3000 applications.

Personal advertising on the backplate can be customized to include the location/business information. The color of the stand can be adjusted as well to help fit into any environment.

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