Capture Coating 8oz Spray Bottle

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Curran Biotech's Capture Coating a new methodology of stopping contagions at the surface of air filters without compromising airflow, energy-efficiency, and HVAC operational set points. Our coatings reject liquid-based contaminants. We can physically stop the virus at the filter surface and capture it in our "Capture Coating".

A cost effective approach to enhance your indoor air quality as apposed to expensive upgrades to filters and HVAC systems. Proven to offer over 200% more protection against the air transmission of respiratory pathogens with a treated MERV 8 as apposed to a standard MERV13. Each bottle of Capture Coating is good for approximately 4 (one years worth) standard 20x20 filters. One coating lasts for the life of the filter. It is recommended filters be changed every 3 months.

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